The Matt Hall Exclusive

The ONLY place you can fly with Matt Hall. This extreme 20 minute high energy flight is one of the ‘must do’ activities on everyone’s bucket list!


Our Matt Hall Experience package includes:

  • Extreme 20 minute high energy flight with Matt Hall himself, in his Extra 300L two seat aircraft
  • During your 20minute flight you will complete warmup maneuvers whilst soaking in the sights and views of the Newcastle Surf Beaches and Lake Macquarie.
  • You’ll then build to some more advanced aerobatics while Matt takes you through some of his Airshow routine.
  • Before heading back to Lake Macquarie Airport to land, Matt will show you a simulation of the Air Race Track where he will get you up to 400km/h and if you’re game, you’ll join the 8G club!
  • Aerobatic manoeuvres include high G turns, rolls, spins, half Cubans, upside down and tumbling
  • Fly in a genuine Matt Hall Racing flight suit
  • In cockpit video and photos of you on your entire flight included on a USB that looks like the Extra 300L that you just flew in
  • Signed MHR merchandise

For one combined cost of $1500 this is truly the genuine experience for the pure adrenalin junkie, Red Bull Air Race supporter or Matt Hall inspired individual.

Do you have what it takes??