Col pilots the “Ride of Your Life” and “The Ultimate” Experiences with TeamMHR. He also serves in the Air Force as a reserve.

Name: Colin Burrows

Hometown: Melbourne – now Redhead

How long you’ve been working at MHR: 4.5 years

Favourite aircraft & why: Pitts S1-S, it was the first single seat aircraft I flew and as I flew it in my early 20’s, it was just an awesome experience. Now I love the Extra because it’s just a beautiful machine to fly!

When & how did you meet Matt: 20 years ago – he was one of my instructors on the Hornet Course in the RAAF.

How long you’ve been in the RAAF: 22 years

Years flying experience: 30 years

Favourite past time (other than flying): Sailing, windsurfing, skiing, squash – and playing with my kids!!!

Col’s Flying History:

At the Age of 12 Col built, then learnt to fly his first Radio Controlled Aircraft. He obtained his Pilots licence in early 1990 flying the Piper Warrior at Lilydale Airfield. He then started his Aerobatic training in the Decathlon at Coldstream. He completed his conversion onto the Pitts Special and competed in his first competition. He won his first competition in the ‘Basic’ category. Col then won in the ‘Sportsman’ category at the Victorian Aerobatic Championships. He then moved from the S-2A to the single seat S-1S Pitts Special. Col has also flown many other types including Cessna’s, Piper Arrows, Beechcraft Bonanza’s. In 2007 he obtained his Ultralight licence flying the Jabiru and shortly thereafter purchased a ‘Saphire’ Ultralight.

Cols Military Career:

In 1995 Col was accepted into the Military as a Pilot. Graduating Pilots Course in 1997 (Winning the Aero’s Prize) he was posted to Jets, flying the Macchi MB-326 thence onto 2OCU for Hornet conversion, unfortunately whilst doing a rapid descent on an ‘Intercept’ mission he had serious sinus blow out and it took him off Hornet conversion. He flew the C-130 Herc from 2001 until Mid 2004 getting a captaincy in early 2003 and finishing his time on the Herc with a 4 Month tour in Iraq. Col then flew the Hawk-127 in the ADF support role. During his time a CFS he did 4 tours with the Roulettes flying in the Number 3 slot then as 6 and 5 and taking over lead of the modified 5 ship display. Currently Col is the Flight commander at 4 SQN flying the Forward Air Control variant of the PC-9 in support of ADF Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) training and many ADF support missions. He now has over 4000 Military Hours.