Meet The Team

Matt Hall Racing is Australia’s premier aviation organisation.

Founded by the country’s foremost aviator, Matt Hall, in 2009, Matt Hall Racing operates out of the Newcastle region in New South Wales, Australia and offers a myriad of aviation and risk management services.

Helping deliver those services is a dedicated team of full time and part time professionals that include:

  • Matt Hall – Managing Director and Chief Pilot
  • Pedita Hall – Director, Chief Financial Officer
  • Dave Finch– Chief Engineer
  • Peter Wezenbeek – Team Tactician
  • Dave Lyall – Business Development manager
  • Emma McDonald – Operations Manager, Joy Flight and Charter Pilot
  • Cass Janson – Customer Service and Events Manager
  • Kim Parkinson – Customer Service and Events Manager
  • Col Burrows – Joy Flight Pilot
  • Dan O’Donnell – Joy Flight Pilot
  • Paul Simmons – Joy Flight Pilot
  • Jason Easthope – Joy Flight Pilot
  • Kris Sieczkowski – Joy Flight Pilot
  • Brad Mulchahy – Joy Flight Pilot
  • Kenny Love – Charter Pilot
  • Freddie Howard – Photography & Videography