Aerobatic Joy Flights

Ever wondered what an aerobatic joy flight experience with Matt Hall Racing involves?!

We offer 3 kinds of aerobatic joy flight experiences: ‘The Ride of Your Life’, “The Ultimate Experience’ and ‘The Matt Hall Exclusive’.

The Ride of Your Life and The Ultimate Experience flights are flown by any one of our talented contract pilots, or our full time operations manager. You can read more about our team of pilots here;

Both the Ride of Your Life and the Ultimate Experience are 1 hour sessions. You will arrive at our office at Lake Macquarie airport at the start of your session and be greeted by a customer service team member and the pilot for the day. First on the agenda is paperwork… wooo! No stress, we will then quickly get into a get to know you chat with the pilot, you’ll share a bit about yourself and the pilot will do the same. It’s important you are able to communicate well with each other!
Next, the pilot will chat to you about the different aspects of g-force and how to combat it during your flight, as well as present to you a profile of what manoeuvres they can do with you during your aerobatic joy flight.

Now, your joy flight is all about YOU, and we want you to thoroughly enjoy YOUR experience. We simply tell you what the aircraft is able to do, and offer you these tricks, and it is totally your choice whether or not you wish to try them! Yes, it is an unlimited aerobatic aircraft, but we can also cruise along the coastline and go whale watching if that’s what you want to do. Although, we do recommend you give every manoeuvre a shot, cause it’s not every day you get to fly an incredibly branded Organics by Red Bull aircraft which is one of the most manoeuvrable 2 seat aircraft in the Australia!

The whole family and/or friends are invited to come and see the plane and take the famous ‘before’ pic whilst we strap in and go through all the safety features of the aircraft.

Whilst the pilot straps in, the ground control supervisor will then escort the supporters back to the other side of the fence before engine start up.

Now, the take-off is one of the best parts! The pilot will do a high performance departure so make sure you keep those cameras rolling!

If you are strapped in for the Ride of Your Life, your flight time will be 10 mins, and if it is the Ultimate Experience, your flight time will be 20 mins.

Once you have returned, the customer service team member will greet you out at the aircraft and bring you, your family and/or friends back in to the office and show you a preview of your on board footage. If you haven’t already, this is your opportunity to purchase the footage and any Team MHR merchandise you would like. You are also welcome to grab a cold drink of water or Red Bull for FREE. If you purchase your footage, it will be presented to you on a 16GB USB stick in the shape of our Extra 300L aerobatic aircraft that you just went for a ride in!

Wanting to experience the best of the best and do your aerobatic joy flight with Matt Hall, the reigning Red Bull Air Race World Champion?

The exclusive session time is 1.5 hours. This allows you to spend an extra half an hour with Matt getting to know each other and asking any questions you may have. The flight with Matt is 20 minutes and is all inclusive of GoPro onboard footage and you will also receive a signed MHR cap after your flight, with the option to purchase any additional merchandise if you wish.

The aircraft we conduct these flights in is an Extra300L, and here is a few facts about this particular plane that will make you want to choose Matt Hall Racing for your aerobatic flight experience:
• It is the only 2 seater that can pull 8 G
• It can reach positive 8 G and negative 4 G
• It is unlimited aerobatic
• It has the same power to weight ratio as an F-18 (WOW!)
• It can turn 180 degrees in less than 3 seconds (WHAAATT?!)
• It’s roll rate is 400 degrees per second (OK, THAT’S AWESOME!)

Now, if this doesn’t scream FUN, I don’t know what does…

Book your joy flight now or contact us on or 1300 790 936 if you have any queries!