Here we are approaching the last race of the season. As I write this, I am having my last day at home getting organised prior to flying out to Las Vegas first thing tomorrow morning. And I feel quite relaxed!!

What have we got in front of us? Well, we are the only team that can upset Paul’s race to be the world champion. He is currently 8 points ahead of us, we are in second, and Hannes is in third, 29 points behind me. So we have second place in the bag. But, wouldn’t it be great to be world champion! That means with 12 points for a first, and 9 points for a second, they are my only 2 options if I want it. How many points can Paul get….well, I can’t control that, so I just need to have a great result and see what happens.

So, we have nothing to lose as we can not be in any worse situation than we currently sit in second. Even if I completely blow the race trying to win, we will still be ranked number 2 in the world. Obviously it is not my intention to blow the race, though I am going to try and win this one, as there is no point coming third.


I had a great break between the last two races, deliberately distracting myself by being busy with things completely unrelated to racing. While I still had to keep my eye on the ball, I knew dwelling on the last race would be unhealthy, so I booked in with Temora Aviation Museum to do my Spitfire conversion, something we had been planning from earlier in the year. I am back from that, refreshed, happy and enjoying life. I am ready to race.

The team is ready. We have had a few group chats about what we have done. We are very proud of ourselves for getting this far. And we all want that top step.

And the plane is ready. It is sitting in Las Vegas waiting for our arrival. I will only do a few short training flights prior to racing, as I don’t want to tire myself or the team over training. We know we can do it, we just have to go out and do it on the day.

So, with a smile on our face, we head across the Pacific for the last time this year, looking forward to participating in the world’s coolest motorsport….a privilege to be involved in, and amazing to have the opportunity to fly for the championship!

Chase your Dreams!