Team MHR

Matt Hall Racing is Australia’s premier aviation organisation.

Founded by the country’s foremost aviator, Matt Hall, in 2009, Matt Hall Racing operates out of the Newcastle region in New South Wales, Australia and offers a myriad of aviation and risk management services.

Helping deliver those services is a dedicated team of full time and part time professionals that include:

  • Matt Hall – Managing Director and Chief Pilot
  • Pedita Hall – Director, Chief Financial Officer
  • Andrew Musgrove  – Marketing, Brand & Team Manager
  • Dave Finch– Chief Engineer
  • Peter Wezenbeek – Team Tactician
  • Dave Lyall – Business Development manager
  • Emma McDonald – Customer Engagement and Administration Support, Pilot
  • Cass Jansen – Administration & Engagement Support
  • Andrew Fraser – Commercial Management Services
  • Shawn Matthews – Team Advisor/Standby Team Co-ordinator
  • Col Burrows – Pilot
  • Dan O’Donnell – Pilot
  • Paul Simmons – Pilot
  • Jason Easthope – Pilot
  • Henry Howard – Photography & Digital Media support
  • Tobie Rutherford – Aircraft Ground Crew

All of Matt’s  joyflight pilots are former RAAF fighter pilots, hand picked by Matt himself. Learn more about our pilots here.