Rule updates for 2019 Red Bull Air Race season

The 2019 Red Bull Air Race World Championship will kick off from February 8-9 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and with it will be a host of rule changes that will change the way teams approach racing.

One of the most notable changes is to the points structure, with points to now be awarded from first to 13th, and more points on the table than ever before. For the first time since 2010, points will also be awarded for qualifying – placing greater significance on a session that had previously only been about ranking teams ahead of the Round of 14.

With qualifying now ramping up a gear, it may well be the difference between being champion or not.

The other major rule change surrounds Over-G’s. In 2018 pilots could not exceed 10G for more than six tenths of a second, or they would receive a two-second penalty. They would also be disqualified for reaching 12G.

For 2019 the G-limit has changed. There will now be a two-second penalty when pilots reach 11G, while reaching 12G will again mean an automatic DNF.

France’s Mika Brageot was the last pilot to get penalised for exceeding 10G for more than six-tenths of a second during a race in 2018 (Indianapolis, USA). Under the new rule system, it will be all smiles for Brageot when he is north of 10G…so long as he stays south of 11G. (PIC: Balzs Gardi/Red Bull Content Pool)

Read HERE for an in-depth look at the rule changes.

An announcement of the full 2019 calendar will be made by Red Bull Air Race when finalised.

(Cover Pic: Predrag Vuckovic/Red bull Content Pool)