The number 95 – More than just Lightning McQueen and Matt Hall

When Matt Hall made his Red Bull Air Race (RBAR) debut in 2009 he quickly turned heads with his #95 MXS-R race plane by claiming a maiden podium en route to third place overall in his debut season.

Since then the #95 has claimed four victories and 11 podiums while adorning Hall’s aircraft, a total of two MXS-Rs.


With a new chapter in the Matt Hall Racing books about to be written with a move to an Edge 540 V3 from the second round of this year’s RBAR World Championship onwards, here’s a closer look at the animated history of Matt’s #95.

Upon selection into the RBAR World Championship at the conclusion of 2008, Matt’s son Mitchell, then aged three declared that his father would have to race with #95 for his rookie season.

Don’t know Cars? Here’s a look at the official trailer, and where Matt’s #95 originally came from!

Mitchell’s reasoning was that all rookies had to race with that number, just like Lightning McQueen, the hero of the Pixar Animation Studios hit film ‘Cars’, which was released by Disney.

Dig a little deeper and you find that Lightning McQueen was created with #95 as a reference to the year 1995 when Pixar’s first movie, Toy Story, was released.

The number 95 also appears in a handful of other Pixar films, including ‘A Bug’s Life’ and the sequels to both Cars and Toy Story.

In 2013 ‘Planes’, a spin off of Cars was created. Although it didn’t have an aircraft adorned with #95.

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For now the only race plane, real or animated, carrying #95 will be the Edge 540 of Matt Hall Racing in the RBAR.

Perhaps if there is a ‘Planes’ sequel #95 could appear…After all it came alive on the Matt Hall Racing aircraft thanks to Pixar and Disney in the first place.