STATEMENT: Red Bull Air Race to conclude in 2019

Red Bull have announced that the Red Bull Air Race World Championship will not continue beyond the 2019 season, with the remaining races for the year to be held in Kazan (Russia), Lake Balaton (Hungary) and Chiba (Japan).

Commencing in 2003, the Red Bull Air Race has spanned more than 90 races. However, despite seeking to provide sports entertainment of the highest quality, the series did not attract the level of outside interest that other global Red Bull events have.

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While disappointed that a sport, which had significant potential to succeed, Matt Hall Racing wish to express their gratitude to Red Bull for the opportunity to compete at the top level of aviation for the past eight seasons.

To date, Matt Hall and his team have achieved 26 podiums in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, six of which were race victories. Included in that total are podiums for second overall in the series in 2018, 2016 and 2015, as well as a third place for the season in Hall’s rookie year, 2009.

With three races remaining in 2019, Matt Hall Racing will endeavour to finish their time in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship as race-winning contenders. As always, the team will pride itself in being hard, but fair competitors capable of excelling in a high-pressure environment.

Beyond the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, Matt Hall Racing will continue to provide aviation services based out of the Newcastle region. This includes air shows, bespoke air displays for events, aerobatic and scenic joy flights, corporate charter flights and maintenance solutions.

Hall also works with large multinational and national organisations and brands year-on-year in an ambassadorial role and as a keynote speaker. Using his 18-year career as a fighter pilot – where he flew in combat – and subsequent status one of the worlds fiercest race pilots as a catalyst, Hall is an expert on topics including motivation and inspiration, risk management, educational messages, preparing to succeed and teamwork.

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship will begin the first of its three final events in Kazan, Russia next month. Qualifying will take place on June 15, with the race to follow on Sunday June 16.